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Uses Turbocharger or Coolant
Materials  Inside is Fluoro Carbon Rubber (HK),Outside is silicone
Working Temperature -40℃~260℃
Working Pressure 0.3Mpa~1.2Mpa
Tensile Strength ≥ 7.5 Mpa
 Fabric Reinforced Polyester or Nomex, 4mm wall (3ply) ,5mm wall(4ply)
Color Black, Blue, Red,Yellow,Orange,Green…(any color available)

Fluorosilicone rubber is a material that has significantly greater chemical resistance than silicone. Fluoro/Fluorosilicone hose is compatible with fuel, oil, water and anti-freeze, reinforced with 3-ply to 5-ply Polyester, Aramid or Nomex, it has a special ability to handle extreme pressure and temperature and better than original silicone hose .


Product Features:
1.Smooth surface, friction resistance and long service life;
2.High temperature resistance;
3.Aging resistance and ozone resistance;
4.Good toughness;
5.Prevent corrosion;
6.Can be customized with samples or drawings;
7.Factory OEM, price and quality can be better controlled.

Our Advantages:
1.No taste, no toxicity, no contamination (environmental friendly)
2.Resistant to high temperature, aging, radiation, cold, heat, Acid, Chemical
3.Stand wear and tear, anti-sepsis, soft, arc resistance, corona resistance
4.Great pump accuracy and repeatability, nice Permeability
5.Extended flexible life and reduced maintenance
6.Fluoro silicone hose can be widely used in aviation, electronic, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical, oven, food, and other industrial department of the good electrical insulating sealing, liquid transportation materials.
7.Fluoro silicone hose is manufactured by good Fluoro silicone rubber with scientific formula, via advanced technology processing.
8.It has good flexibility, high temperature resistance, and good stability, can be widely used for providing insulation protection for household electric appliance, industrial electric appliance.

Our factory can customize all kinds of special-shaped fluorosilicone hoses for foreign  customers.


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